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Cari Sims

Cari creates a safe and peaceful space in which you will learn new ways to move--whether through yoga, meditation, soccer or strength training. Cari effectively combines all of these practices in her fresh approach to human movement. Her strong teaching abilities are in-depth, specific to every individual, and enhance confidence in all of her clients.

Cari's approach to yoga extends beyond individual poses or any singular dogmatic approach. She embraces the Science of Yoga, functional biomechanics, and energetic intuition to help students release tension and build strength. As an athlete, Cari understands first-hand the challenge of feeling inflexible and adapts her teaching to all body types and experience levels. Her unique blend of cutting-edge science, centuries-old common sense wisdom, and an ever-burning desire to help others succeed is what truly fosters a one-of-a-kind experience in her classes and sessions.

In addition to guiding yoga practices, Cari is also a youth soccer coach (primarily girls ages 11-15). She works with young girls to help them become move faster, think more quickly, and be more powerful on and off the field! She also teaches yoga to young teens (12-15).

Cari's personal and professional goal is to be a role model for young women in today's society by helping them find confidence in their bodies, their minds and their dreams.